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29 MAR -

07 APR

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Spring Japan "Cherry Blossom Time" -  2 nights Tokyo, in the new Odaiba district, Sengakuji Temple of "47 Ronin" fame, Imperial Palace Plaza, Asakusa shopping street - Nara, mingle with the tame deer in Nara Park - Kobe, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge - Okayama, Korakuen Park 1 of 3 most beautiful parks - Bitchu Takahashi, castle town of samurai homes, temples, gardens - Hiroshima, Isle of Miyajima, Peace Park & Museum - Inland Sea, Shodo Island surrounded by tiny, pine-clad islets - 2 nights Kyoto, Maruyama Park, Nijo Castle, Heian Shrine.

20 JUN -

29 JUN

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Summer Special Japan "A Family Tour" -  3 nights Tokyo - in the popular Odaiba district right in Tokyo Bay, Sengakuji Temple of "47 Ronin" fame, Imperial Palace Plaza, Asakusa shopping street.  Bitchu Takahashi - samurai homes, temples and gardens. Hiroshima - Isle of Miyajima, Peace Park & Museum.  Okayama - beautiful Korakuen Park.  Kobe - overlooking the Inland Sea and Akashi Straits Bridge. Nara - Deer Park, Daibutsu in Todaiji Temple.  2 nights Kyoto, the city of shrines - Nijo Castle, Gold Pavilion, Fushimi Inari Taisha with over 1,000 red torii gates.

10 OCT -

19 OCT

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Autumn in Hokkaido "Fall Foliage Time" -   2 nites in Sapporo - enjoy "Sapporo Ramen" and Hokkaido's King Crab for dinner.  Sounkyo Gorge festooned in Fall Colors and to the "Roof of Hokkaido" - Mt. Daisen National Park.  The Hokkaido Lake District - Lake Akan, Kucharo & Masshu.  Hot Springs Resorts of Sahoro & Lake Toya.  Climb Mt. Hakodate for a 360 degree spectacular vista of the surrounding panorama.

18 OCT -

27 OCT

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Okinawa & Kyushu "Islands of Japan" - Enjoy a warm, tropical fall on the Island of Okinawa - with it's beautiful beaches, Shuri Castle, and "Mingei" culture.  Visit the Pacific War Memorials, Shureimon Gate, and "Kokusai Dori."  On to Kyushu, with Karatsu Castle, "Kunchi Floats," Nagasaki's Peace Memorial, Glover Mansion, and the "Boiling Hells" of Unzen and Beppu.

26 OCT -

 04 NOV

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Uranihon Tour "the Otherside of Japan" - For our last trip, we return to our most popular tour - for a nostalgic look at Japan.  From modern Tokyo, catch a glimpse of the Meiji era in Takayama - of narrow lanes and wooden buildings, sake breweries and artisan shops.  Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO world heritage site, is famous for the distinctive farmhouses with their thached, gassho-zukuri roofs, said to remind one of hands folded in prayer.  In Kanazawa, Kenroku - one of the 3 most beautiful parks in Japan;  Kaga Village, with Kutani pottery, lacquerware, and gold-leaf artistry.  Overlooking Miyazu Bay, get a panoramic view of Amanohashidate, the "Bridge to Heaven," before enjoying the hot springs baths.  Did you know there were camels in Japan?  You can even ride one over the Tottori Sand Dunes!  One more visit to Lafcaido Hearn, 1890's schoolteacher, and majestic Matsue Castle, one of the few remaining castles from the feudal age.  Return to the present-day in Osaka before we say our last "farewell."

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